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Flash review: Henry McKenna Single Barrel 10 Year Bottled-in-Bond

June 8, 2017Brad LumleyBourbon, , , , , Aside

Flash reviews are written when I just want to enjoy a whiskey. These are quick nosing and tasting notes, not a full review. As such, flash reviews will never be scored. Use them only to get a quick idea whether or not this whiskey has characteristics that interest you.

Barrel 3221, bottled 9-14-16

Nose: caramel-coated peanut, like your favorite part of Cracker Jack, cinnamony rye

Flavor: nutmeg-forward yielding to caramel but with a nice cinnamon balance. Hints of orange peel. Short, crisp finish with a whisp of oak.

Impression: just plain tasty and dangerously quaffable. And at less than $30 per bottle, it’s hard to pass up the last age statement, bonded bourbon.


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I really like the sweet flavor of cinnamon and whiskey. The description gives me a tropical feel. Many of the beverages I drink are like this as well. I might consider buying this as well for the good price. It wouldn’t hurt. I appreciate your flash review!

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