High West American Prairie Bourbon bottle and pour

Solid Sipper: High West American Prairie Bourbon

This review brought to you live from my Fall Break family vacation. Picked this one up at the ABC Lake Buena Vista. There are some solid reviews on most of the High West products and the price on this expression was right (about $35).


Solid gold with nice clarity but not quite brilliant. Some noticeable legs with a turn. I’m judging this out of a (rinsed) hotel glass, so that may not mean much.


Immediate cinnamon chewing gum impression surrounded by vanilla extract. Whiffs of green oak and toasted sugar. Maybe a slight green apple ester.


Sweetened custard starts the sip with a blend of baking spices transitioning to oak and cinammon stick. Flavors feel mostly bright and young with lots of “pop.” Light caramel present throughout but not a feature. Finally,┬ámarzipan –it’s subdued but it shows up immediately after the swallow with a breath through the nose with a closed mouth. One of my favorite characteristics in bourbon. With lots of scotches, I get raisin box –with good bourbon, marzipan.


Just a touch of alcohol tingle. This is a bright, light whiskey that really bursts in the mouth and then disappears rather quickly in the low-moderate finish.

Overall Impression

This is just a solid sipper. There’s a lot here that reminds me of the front end of Rendezvous Rye well-blended with Any Old Bourbon. For me, this makes it an easy, enjoyable whiskey at a reasonable price. That said, there’s nothing here that’s particularly interesting, so I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a challenging and interesting bourbon. It’s just plain good and sometimes (like when you’re on vacation with the Mouse), that’s good enough.

Score: 70/100

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Brad Lumley
Brad is a BJCP Certified Beer Judge-gone whisk(e)y aficionado. Between drams, he's a husband, father of two, and avid CrossFitter.


Katie Pina

This particular Bourbon looks amazing, the reviews on it are absolutely astounding. I would love to give this a try, but I would want to pick it up in Utah, were it is distilled. Road trip is definitely in my future. Great photo presentation, and well written. Definitely gives the reader what they want to know on this product.


I have never heard of this brand until I read your article. Your description of it’s flavor has made me want to track down a bottle or two for myself!


This is great! My husband is a big whiskey fan (personally I’m more of a vodka person) and I will definitely check this brand out for him. Hopefully one of our local stores carry it (I’m on the East Coast).


If you ever see a bottle of American Prairie Reserve, that one was pretty good. I’ve never had the American Prairie but I’ve read a few opinions that align with yours.

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